The Estate

In our family for over four centuries, the Domaine de Vincenti has seen many transformations, evolving from a primarily agricultural estate to its current appearance. By restoring the ancient farm buildings into homes, our wish was to open the property to guests from around the world to enjoy quality time among family and friends or hold professional retreats in a serene and beautiful setting… These lodgings reflect our priority for comfort and harmony with the natural beauty of the Drôme valley. We intentionally strive to create an atmosphere of elegance and simplicity, with bright open spaces and high quality amenities.

Domaine de Vincenti | Vue aérienne des gîtes

The park, with its centennial trees is open to the vast surrounding countryside. We have landscaped it to exude a peaceful, spacious and well-kept atmosphere. Everyone can feel in harmony with nature and find places of relaxation and varied activities.

The park

On site activities

Shared moments

A tour of the estate

Domaine de Vincenti | Entrée principale
Upon your arrival, use a code to open the large iron gate that secures the property.
Domaine de Vincenti | Grand Hangar

To your right you will see the Great Hangar that houses a covered play area for young children and storage for wood and farm equipment.

Domaine de Vincenti | Gîtes

Next on the right is a large building with two villas La Forge et La Scie , followed by Le Serre-Bois, a covered courtyard with stone columns. Beyond the courtyard is a second building that also hosts two villas : Le Colombier et le Bassin.

Domaine de Vincenti | Bergerie

To your left is another large building with two more villas : Le Four à Pain et Les Agnelles.

Domaine de Vincenti | Petite Maison
At the far end of the driveway on the left is La Petite Maison.

Domaine de Vincenti | Bergerie

Behind the second gate is La Grande Maison – the master house where your hosts live – and its annex villas La Terrasse et Le Fruitier.