The Drôme Valley

The Domaine de Vincenti is located in the Drôme Valley, a region renowned for its sunny climate, its pristine river, beautiful and varied natural landscapes, traditional perched villages, organic farming, artisan work, great outdoors, colorful wines... During every season, there is a variety of things to discover, explore and experience in this beautiful part of France. Here are a few examples of what you can do during your stay at Vincenti.
Culture, the villages of the Drôme and, further away, some UNESCO World Heritage
Explore the many old villages of the area and discover their history, their winding cobbled street, their ancient architecture, their traditional artisans, and their authentic bistros and restaurants. Less than 1h30 away by car, discover the extraordinary UNESCO Word Heritage of the Old City of Lyon, Avignon, and the Chauvet Cave. Year-round, the website lists many local cultural events such as lectures, commented visits, shows, concerts, etc.

Hike or ride some of the many trails and back-roads of the Drôme. Just from the property, stroll or jog through the beautiful local countryside. Most of all, and you will enjoy over there magnificent sceneries, they are numerous hikes and rides available, at all levels, in the nearby Pre-Alps, the Vercors, the Forest of Saoû, the surrounding hills and valleys.

Sports and Outdoors
Many outdoor activities are available in the area: canoeing down the Drôme River, running, cycling and mountain biking, rock climbing, acrobatic tree trails, horse-back riding, etc.
Local Markets
The Drôme region is the largest organic farming area of France. Visiting the local markets is a must and you will find fresh and quality seasonal products, fruits and vegetable, locally produced meat, cheese...
Wine Tasting
The local Clairette de Die, a sweet and light sparkling wine, is now world famous. They are also many Côte du Rhône vineyards in the region, ranging from the prestigious Crozes-Hermitage to the local traditional terroirs, often tended by passionate wine makers.
Indulge yourself with a delicious food experience at the "Kléber" in Crest, a one Michelin star restaurant, or at "the Maison Pic" in Valence, a rare 3 Michelin star restaurant. Plan a trip to the world-famous chocolate manufacturer "Valrhona". Discover the warm and unassuming small restaurants of the nearby villages. We can also put you in contact with a local caterer who will bring you a family meal or a young private chef who will prepare and serve you a local gastronomic menu, directly at your villa.